Tester ranks

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Tester ranks

Post by S0ul on Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:35 pm

Like in all games, testing is a major part of the development process. As such, we provide the tester rank, to players dedicated to helping us improve.


  • Any simple bug//missing item price, and so on must be reported directly in the Tester backlog topic.
  • Major bug//exploits (such as duping, (too) easy money from buying -> processing -> selling to GE, exploits, and so on) must be reported through PM (ingame or otherwise) to me, Mike or Jay.
  • Provide actual data over time (i.e. must actually do shit)


  • ::pos command (allows you to get your current position) use this when submitting data related to locations (missing spawns, etc)
  • On examine, get the ID of a monster/item (use this to report on missing prices, functionality and so on)


  • Be an active member of the community
  • Not an active offender (mutes, bans, ...)
  • Show willingness to help
  • Maturity

Do note that being a tester does not allow you to exploit bugs. As per the game rules,

4. No abusing bugs or glitches. ( IF You find any, report them immediately!)  Punishment: Warning / Jail / Ban.

5. No exploiting any money bugs to achieve unfair wealth or experience. Punishment: Skill Reset / Account Wipe / Item Confiscation / Ban

Of course this applies to testers too.

Getting the rank - if you are deemed worthy, you will be contacted.

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