Experience rates for all skills [WIP]

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Experience rates for all skills [WIP]

Post by S0ul on Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:13 am

We are a young server, and not all the methods available in RS3 are available here. As such, in this list I will try to show the experience rates, and cost, of training methods (per craft) so you don't try to level blindly. If you have information that completes this list, reply down below.

Most methods will have the following format:

  • Base ingredient (such as leather) Unit price

    • Method 1 Cost to make (amount of base items)//Sell price (ge)//profit OR loss//Exp per//gp/exp (red if loss)


Leather crafting:

  • Red dragon leather 2551gp

    • Vambraces 2551gp (1)//1874gp//677gp//425.5 exp//-1.59 gp/exp
    • Chaps 5102gp (2)//2727gp//2375gp//851 exp//-2.79 gp/exp
    • Body 7653gp (3)//6003gp//1650gp//1276.5 exp//-1.29 gp/exp

  • Black dragon leather 3850gp

    • Vambraces 3850gp (1)//2446gp//1404gp//459.5 exp//-3.06 gp/exp
    • Chaps 7700gp (2)//3416gp//4284gp//919 exp//-4.66 gp/exp
    • Body 11550gp (3)//7274gp//4276gp//1378.5 exp//-3.1 gp/exp

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