The tale of two tacos.

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The tale of two tacos.

Post by Sandwich on Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:47 pm

This story is one of adventure, peril, romance, and heroics. This story, is the adventures of sir Taco, and Burrito Lad. The scene is set in the Taco Bell kitchen, where Burrito Lad is being born..

Feel free to continue this story.


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Re: The tale of two tacos.

Post by Prophet on Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:31 am

Circa: 1985 AD, Location: LOS ANGELES, CA Stage: Taco Bell Kitchen in Kenneth Hahn Plaza...

"...Unwrap...unwrap....unwrap... Mrs. Burrito! There you go!... It's a boy! He sure has his uncle, Sir Taco's eyes...", says the Certified Taco Bell Shift Manager M.D., Douglas... "whoa buddy there seems to have been twins wrapped up inside you Mrs. Burrito!" Douglas jumps right into action, he frantically assembles his hands alongside the table in a cuffed position to deliver the second beefy escarpment peeking out from the bottom of Mrs. Burrito's roll-hole... Mrs. Burrito flailing, hystically in pain through the labor. Douglas's eyes begin to quench in fear as he witnessed what came next... a second burrito begins oozing out slowly, ominously, this evil steak stripletted begins to puke all over Douglas's uniform and Taco Delivering Table.

Sweat beatten and muck-covered, Douglas tramples over the spill of evil nacho cheese that had spilled below him. Feet flown from under him, he tramples head first into the griller press crisping in pain from the irons... meanwhile the Burrito Bros. and Mrs. Burrito are still awaiting to be assembled for the order on the operating table.

As Mrs. Burrito begins to attempt roll away from the first scene of many from the anti-burrito they have birthed, the anti-burrito shrieks and flees from Mrs. Burrito and Burrito Lad, they begin to make their escape from the Taco Bell Kitchen Operating Center's backdoor on the quest to find Sir Taco and warn him of the evil, greasy news...

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