God items for irons

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God items for irons

Post by Jonah on Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:55 pm

Npcs that can drop items for their faction so iron men can have a second way to gain protection for GodWars besides clue scrolls.

imp (709), werewolf (6006-6022), vampyre(1220,1223), bloodveld(1618,1619), hellhound(49),
lesser demon(4694,4695,4696,4697,82), greater demon(4698,4699,4700,4701,83)
Rev Imp(13465),  Rev Werewolf (13474), Rev Vampyre(13473) , Rev Hellhound(13476) Rev Demon (13477)  Rev Icefiend(13470)
Zamorak Stole(10474), Zamorak Cloak(10450), Zamorak Mitre(10456)

Goblin(4261,4267,3264,4268,4267,4276,4263,4269,4266,4491,4483,4488,4492,4479,4489,4409,4408), Hobgoblin(4898,2688), ogre(115), ogress/warrior/champ(7078-1782),  cyclops(4291,4292,6078,6079),  jogre(113,3449,3450)
Rev Goblin(13467),  Rev Hobgoblin(13472),  Rev Cyclops(13475),   Rev ork(13478)
Bandos Stole(19394), Bandos Cloak(19370), Bandos Mitre(19376)  

*Barrows brothers, minotaurs(4404), unicorns(89), monks(7727), white knights(19,3348)
*Verac(2030)  Dharok(2026)  Guthan(2027)  Karil(2028)   Torag (2029)   Karil (2025)
Saradomin Stole(10470), Saradomin Cloak(10446), Saradomin Mitre(10452)

Seagull(6116), Chicken(2313,2314,2315), Bird(1475,1476)
Armadyl Stole(19392), Armadyl Cloak(19368), Armadyl Mitre(19374)

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