Money Making Guide

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Money Making Guide

Post by Death on Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:17 am

This is just a simple guide as to what are some popular money making methods on Afterlife to what I know...

For Beginners (Levels 3-60):

  • First off an easy method for cash is simply picking up all Spirit Shards dropped from monsters! This carnage at ::train took just a few moments for a good amount of shards, 246 shards total! If you sell at G.E. it's 5,412 gp made in about 20 seconds.

  • Another method would be to but the Battlestaves from Naff in Varrock's Square is a simple way for cash if you just do it once every time you stop by Varrock. If you buy all 100 noted Battlestaves for 7,000 gp each then sell at Grand Exchange for a price of 7,403 gp each, you profit a total of 40,300 gp!

  • If you've been training Slayer since you started and have 45 Slayer, go kill some infernal mages! They drop Mystic Mage Gear and Mystic Staffs that sell for a decent price. *Joe reported to have made 500,000 gp in 40 kills. Infernal Mages are located on the Northeast Corner of the Second Floor of Slayer's Castle.
    This idea is thanks to Joe, so thanks Joe!

    *note that this image is on the second floor of slayer castle. To get here use the command ::canifistele, head northwest until you hit Slayer's Castle, follow the path on the first floor, go up the stairs and they should be the first group of monsters if you follow the path to the next floor.

Higher Leveled Players (Levels 80-138):

*Still being added to as I gather more ideas... or when I find more time. Very Happy
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